Forsaken is Coming to Kickstarter September 6th!

May 25, 2022

Game Trayz Lab is bringing its debut title to Kickstarter on September 6th! Visit our pre-launch page now and click the notify me on launch button so you can be among the first to know. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more and more about the game, the world, and its characters…so make sure to follow us on our social channels linked above for every morsel.

Today, we’re sharing a first look at how Forsaken will look on your table. If you’re familiar with Game Trayz products, you know that every little thing has its place; and Forsaken pushes that philosophy to its limits. A set of six custom thermoform plastic trayz come together to form the foundation, and break apart instantly to double as easy storage. All this is in addition to the player dashboards, which we shared previously in our Mandorax Character Spotlight.

Strange New Worlds

Forsaken takes place on Thyrria and its two terraformed moons: Port Ambition and the Mycoid Verge. Each of these worlds is its own game board, and each is nestled into its own tray. These trayz double as component storage and organization, as the positions of certain decks and component supplies matter during play. When you’re finished, you can break the boards down and store these components without any hassle.

Risk vs. Reward

Forsaken raises the art of organizing the play space to a whole new level, but it doesn’t stop there. Our engineers and developers have worked together to create a unique dice tower that uses the chaos of physics to tell whole new stories through play.

Our dice are minimalistic: two sides feature a “critical” result, while the other four are blank. When you drop them into the tower, its internal architecture ensures that the dice all exit the tower at different speeds, and land spread out across the truncated landing tray. The zones the dice land in determine their value, with critical results counting double.

The result is an easy-to-feel but impossible-to-know spread of probabilities that are always fun to watch unfold before you. After you roll, your gear and abilities can be used to modify outcomes by shifting zones, or by adding or re-rolling sets of dice. Every time dice are rerolled, they could knock other dice loose and shake things up!

This dice tower is Forsaken’s centerpiece for resolution. If you’re battling an enemy, you’ll roll two different-colored sets of dice into the tower, and compare the results. If you’re hoping to overcome a challenge, you roll a set of dice aiming to meet or beat a set goal. If you want to scrounge for tradeable salvage at the scrapyard, you’ll roll dice and draw scrap equal to your result from a bag. The possibilities are endless!

More to Come

Forsaken is a game with hundreds of cards and tokens and unlockable secrets. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to share the rest with you as we approach our September 6th campaign launch.

Make sure to visit our pre-launch page now and click the notify me on launch button.

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