Forsaken Kickstarter Order Form

Thank you for your interest in Forsaken! We look forward to working together.

In order to purchase Forsaken as a retailer during our 2022 Kickstarter campaign, you must adhere to the following:

Game Trayz Lab offers the following pricing for retailer orders:

  • You must represent a retail store in Canada or the continental US.
  • You must provide a valid EIN or Tax ID matching that store.
  • Your order must meet our minimum order quantity of 4 core game units.
  • For each add-on, your order quantity must not exceed your ordered quantity of core game units.
  • All orders are due before the end of Forsaken’s Kickstarter campaign (29 September 2022 at 5:00pm eastern US time)
  • Fill out the form below to get your pledge level total, then pledge at the $1 level on the campaign page.
  • Take the balance provided below and manually increase your $1 pledge to that exact amount.
Forsaken Retailer Order Form

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Forsaken - KickStarter Core Game
Includes All KS Bonus Content
($189 MSRP)
Forsaken - Shaman & Stray Exp.
($29 MSRP)
Forsaken - Prisoner & Peon Exp.
($29 MSRP)

Please confirm that you understand you will have to manually enter the TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT displayed above as a Kickstarter pledge.

Procedure To place a retailer order for Forsaken, take the following steps:

  • Pledge at the $1 level.
  • Take the balance provided above and manually increase your $1 pledge to that exact amount.
  • When the pledge manager opens, contact us if your pledge manager is listing an unpaid balance of which you are unaware.
  • Use the pledge manager to enter your shipping information as you would for a normal pledge.
  • You can expect your order to be shipped during our standard fulfillment process.