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Hiking your favorite National Parks with four of your friends can be tough work...so we partnered with Keymaster games and created a custom Game Trayz storage solution for Parks.


Going the extra mile to reach the top

At Game Trayz, we’re avid lovers of the outdoors, as well as big fans of Keymaster Games; so when we were asked to work on Parks, we jumped at the opportunity. Looking to keep the game as compact and efficient as possible, we worked together to create both a custom box insert and component tray for Parks to keep all of the various bits organized and ready to play. Featuring original art from more than 35 artists who helped bring 45 US National Parks to life on your tabletop, this beautiful game deserved an elegant storage solution; and thanks to more than 9000 backers pledging over $415,000 on Kickstarter, we’re proud to say we were able to help bring Keymaster’s vision to reality.




Keymaster Games


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Base Tray, Resource Trayz, Lids


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