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The Artemis Odyssey

We worked with Grand Gamers Guild to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for their hidden planning space themed board game, The Artemis Odyssey.


Exploring distant stars

Humankind has finally learned how to reach out to the stars, using powerful artifacts we are now free to explore the cosmos. Exploration in The Artemis Odyssey is accomplished through a clever system of hidden planning on a shared board. When the planning board is full, it is resolved in sequence…with all players benefiting from each others’ plans! Build powerful starships to cross the vast emptiness of interstellar space, land on uninhabited planets to find valuable resources. Establish your presence with colonies, factories, mighty terraformers and win The Artemis Odyssey. The Artemis Odyssey board game insert organizer comes with custom trayz which separate and hold everything in this Kickstarter Deluxe version. The base tray holds cards and tokens while serving as the foundation for the rest of the insert. Additional layers are made of miniature trays with lids and are easy to put directly on the table. The whole game can be setup in minutes leaving your gaming group plenty of time to explore distant planets!




Grand Gamers Guild




Base Tray, Lids, Custom Trayz


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