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Veiled Fate

We worked with IV Studios to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for their unique social deduction game, Veiled Fate.


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Veiled Fate is a unique social deduction game that relies on more than just table talk. At the beginning of the game you are secretly given the name of your demigod offspring, you must keep this information hidden at all costs. Throughout the game you will use your divine powers to influence any of the nine demigods on the board, working toward helping your demigod achieve the most renown without revealing who they are. Will you be able to help your demigod without alerting your enemies to their presence? Veiled Fate comes with many custom board game inserts to protect and organize every piece of this deity driven social deduction game. The base tray and mini insert will keep everything secure while the tray made for the game board helps lock each insert into place. Make sure to check out our other IV Studios collaboration Mystic Mischief!




IV Studios




Base Tray, Table Trayz, Lids, Custom Trayz


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