Project L – Game Trayz

The All New Project L Board Game insert organizer by Game Trayz includes four separate trays.

Three of the Trayz have their own snap-on lid to keep things in place. The two resource trays are easily removed and used during play for easy access on both sides of the table. The third tray holds and organizes all the other pieces for easy setup and storage. The base tray stays in the box and has room to store all the cards!

  • Designed to hold all game components from the base game, Ghost Piece, Finesse, and Ambassadors expansions
  • Compatible with the original 2018 printing and the 2021 reprint
  • The bottom of the storage container becomes the new bottom of your game box. Simply throw away the shallow top and replace it with the original game box. (Note: This bottom is designed to lift the lid and will make your game box taller)

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