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Shave minutes off your set-up and clean-up so you can get more games in on game night! Made from thick, durable plastic which is 3-5 times thicker than your standard plastic insert, all Game Trayz products are built to last and control your chaos.


Keep any game beautifully organized inside the box, and on your table, with  X-Trayz™ four unique layouts and tons of color options! Engineered to be a flexible solution for your entire board board game collection. 


Game Trayz has worked with the top publishers in the industry to not only create storage solutions for your favorite games, but also change your gaming experience. Now it’s time for us to create some experiences of our own…


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Case Studies

Component Euphoria Vindicated

See how we worked with game designer and developer Orange Nebula to create a custom Game Trayz expereince for their board game, Vindication.