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Adventure Tactics

We worked with Letiman Games to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for the big-box version of their hit game, Adventure Tactics.


Classes for the masses

Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower was a huge hit for Letiman games, bringing co-op tactical combat to the table and offering players a huge variety of character classes to choose from. With the new expansion, Adventures in Alchemy, players will have even more classes to choose from, as well as a brand new mini-campaign and tons of new miniatures...but how will you store the original game as well as all of the new content? That's where we come in! We created custom Game Trayz as well as a custom insert for Adventure tactics that not only stores everything from the original game, but everything from the Alchemy expansion as well...including every hero pack, enemy pack, miniature and stretch goal. It's rare that you're able to have all of your Kickstarter board game content in a single storage solution; but thanks to Game Trayz, you truly can have it all...in one box.




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