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Partnering with Crafty Games, we created a custom Game Trayz storage solution for Buru.


Organizing diplomacy and commerce

Upon arriving at the remote island of Buru, you and three other nobles are tasked with earning your place in history through exploration, trade, and ultimately, winning the favor of the King himself. Showcasing the rich history and art of Indonesia, Buru is a beautifully designed game with equally beautiful components; so creating a storage solution for Buru that matched the look as well as the quality of the game became our priority. Our multi-tiered Buru storage solution does more than just protect the game’s components, it matches the design of the game itself - with colors that compliment the vibrant silkscreened tokens, and trays that make it easier to access your resources during gameplay.



Game Publisher

Crafty Games

Game Trayz Designer

Bryce Cook


Custom Moulded Box Insert
Custom Component Tray


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