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Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

Partnering with Kolossal Games, we created a custom Game Trayz storage solution for Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.


Where no insert has gone before.

Everyone wants to have a space empire, but no one wants to govern it! We're huge fans of thematic space civilization games...so when Kolossal Games approached us to create an Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy storage solution, we jumped at the chance to work together. Our biggest concern was getting this epic space game to the table quickly; so in addition to designing storage for all of the game's components, we also designed Game Trayz for Eclipse that serve as individual player trays--just slide them across the table and you're ready to play! Thanks to more than 6,500 backers on Kickstarter, Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy became a reality - and thanks to Game Trayz, getting this beautiful 4X game to the table became a lot easier.








Base Tray, Player Trayz, Resource Trayz, Lids, Technology Trayz


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