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Fall of the Mountain King

We teamed-up again with Burnt Island Games to create a custom Game Trayz insert for Fall of the Mountain King.


Before the fall

In the Hall of the Mountain King was a big hit for Burnt Island Games...and now they are building on that success with a prequel to that game with Fall of the Mountain King. This area control game for 1-5 players follows the struggles of seven clans of Trolls struggling to keep their homeland--so our job was to make sure that players didn't have to struggle to keep their game organized. In order to keep the game well organized and easy to get to and from the table, we created 6 custom Game Trayz for Fall of the Mountain King; one base tray for all of the shared components, as well as 5 individual trays...one for each player. We also made sure that all of our Game Trayz matched the graphic design of the game...creating an insert for Fall of the Mountain King that's as beautiful as it is functional.




Burnt Island Games




Base Tray, Resource Trayz, Lids


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