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Holi: Festival of Colors

Partnering with Floodgate Games, we created a three-tiered board and custom Game Trayz storage solution for Holi: Festival of Colors.


Building the foundation

In Holi: Festival of Colors, players gather to celebrate the end of Winter by spreading color and cheer during one of India’s most vibrant festivals. In order to allow players to fully experience this unique area control game, we created a 3D board for Holi that truly immerses you in the festival, while also allowing players to create strategies that wouldn’t be possible on a traditional board. Along with the board, our Holi: Festival of Colors custom box insert, as well as four custom Game Trayz, are designed to hold all of the beautiful wooden tokens for each player - making setup and storage for Holi a breeze, while also keeping all game components protected.




Floodgate Games




Base Tray, Player Trayz, Lids, Game Board


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