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Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising

Together with our friends at Lucky Duck games, we created a custom Game Trayz storage solution for Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising.


Rushing into organization

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising is a fully cooperative, standalone board game for 1 to 4 players that offers the ultimate tower-defense experience for the tabletop. Taking place in the same universe as Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time and using the same game engine, it was important that we designed a Kingdom Rush storage solution that was modular, since characters from both games are cross-compatible. To take advantage of this cross-compatibility, we designed individual trays for each hero in the game, ensuring that they would travel safely and set up quickly. In addition to the Hero Trayz, we have also created unique token and tower trays, each with their own cover, to make sure the rest of the game was equally easy to store and get to the table.




Lucky Duck Games




Base Tray, Player Trayz, Resource Trayz, Lids, Technology Trayz


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