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Mechs vs. Minions

Working with Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, we created the very first custom Game Trayz solution for Mechs vs. Minions.


Bringing a Video Game to life.

When Riot games first came to us with their passion project, we were flattered…and a little intimidated; after all, creating a cooperative, mission-based board game featuring programmable movement, set in the League of Legends universe, was no easy task - and neither was creating its storage solution. Mechs vs. Minions is known for its incredible production value, as well as the sheer number of components that come in the box; so our box insert and Game Trayz for Mechs vs. Minions had to match that quality, as well as be able to protect the numerous components…including more than 100 miniatures. The result was a design that still stands as one of our best - featuring multiple trays on multiple levels, including 3 custom covered trays and 2 custom box inserts. We couldn’t be more proud of what we were able to do with Mechs vs. Minions, and how this game paved the way for all of our future projects.




Riot Games


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