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My Father’s Work

We collaborated with Renegade Game Studios to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for My Father’s Work.


Daring to innovate.

My Father’s Work is an aspiring mad scientist’s dream come true. This competitive, app-driven game puts 2-4 players in the lab coat of a mad scientist trying to complete the work their father started. Featuring multiple scenarios, each in their own tuck box, our challenge was to create Game Trayz for My Father's Work that kept all of the various components organized and accessible. Our My father's Work storage solution was a stacking tray system that kept the tuck boxes, cards and tiles on the bottom, followed by the removable resource tray and covered component tray on top…while still leaving room for the game board and player boards.




Renegade Game Studios




Base Tray, Resource Trayz, Lids


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