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Paperback Adventures

Working with Tim Fowers, creator of the Burgle Bros series and Fugitive, we’ve created a Game Trayz storage solution for Paperback Adventures.


Paper and plastic

Set in the world of Paperback and its sequel, Hardback, this solo deckbuilding game has you using words to defeat AI controlled enemies. While Game Trayz is well known for creating custom board game inserts and storage solutions, Paperback Adventures presented an opportunity to do something a little different. Instead of making traditional player and enemy boards, we’ve designed character trays for Paperback Adventures that feature built-in health and ability tracking that not only blend in seamlessly with the game’s design, but also make the game easy to manage at the table.



Game Publisher

Fowers Games

Game Trayz Designer

Noah Adelman


Custom Moulded Box Insert
Custom Component Tray


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