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Petrichor Collector’s Edition

We worked with Mighty Boards to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for their Collector's Edition version of Petrichor.


Capturing Clouds

In Petrichor you are a cloud, your entire purpose in life is to expand, sire other clouds and water crops. You have to compete with the other clouds in the sky though if your want to control areas and water the best crops. Will you be able to balance all the different aspects of being a cloud? The Petrichor board game insert organizer comes with some unique designs like the raindrop insert and cloud components . The main organization comes from the base tray which separates and holds everything in this Kickstarter Collector's Edition including all expansions. There are also custom inserts with lids for the resources making it easier to pass them around the table. All aspects of this design are meant to speed up setup time and get you playing faster than ever!




Mighty Boards




Base Tray, Resource Trayz, Lids, Custom Trayz


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