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Suburbia Collector’s Edition

We teamed-up with Bezier Games to create an incredible Game Trayz storage solution for Suburbia Collector's Edition.


It's your city

Suburbia was already the most popular city-building board game of all time--so how do you make it even better? By creating new artwork, bigger tiles, and including an incredible custom storage solution for Suburbia from Game Trayz. We've done big-box storage before, but Suburbia Collector's Edition was SO big, we had to do something special...and we did. The stackable Game Trays for Suburbia include storage for multiple components and tiles, with lids that also double as in-game tools. We also designed a custom tile tower for Suburbia Collector's Edition that not only keeps your tiles organized, but also dispenses them during gameplay. Bezier Games went all-out to bring gamers the ultimate version of Suburbia...so here at Game Trayz, we went all out as well to bring players the ultimate storage solution.




Bézier Games


Panda Game Manufacturing


Base Tray, Resource Trayz, Lids


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