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We worked with Orange Nebula to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for their deep space survival game, Unsettled.


An organized death

Out in deep space, the real threat isn't aliens or enemies...it's deep space itself. Unsettled takes you to unexplored territories, where every step can lead to an excruciating death; so you and your crew must find unique ways to survive if you ever want to make it home. The Unsettled board game organizer is the brain child of Game Trayz and Orange Nebula. The main organization comes from the base tray which separates and holds everything in the Kickstarter Deluxe version; each expansion (planet) also comes with a custom insert inside. The game and expansions are Kallax friendly, fitting perfectly into one shelf cube. There are also custom inserts with lids for the various parts in this edition, making it easier to setup and tear down. All aspects of this design are meant to speed up setup time and get you playing faster than ever!




Orange Nebula, LLC




Base Tray, Resource Trayz, Lids, Technology Trayz, Custom Trayz


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