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We worked with Mindclash Games to create a custom Game Trayz storage solution for their beautiful space game, Voidfall.


Power corrupts

Voidfall is a unique 4x game (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) set in the far future when mankind has colonized space. Voidfall has the heart of a Euro game, though with minimum levels of luck and tight economic decisions. On your turn, you play through three cycles - each with a game-altering galactic event, a new scoring condition, and a set number of focus cards that can be played. Focus card decisions and sequencing is the centerpiece of the gameplay. Voidfall comes with 5 Game Trayz inserts to protect every piece of this epic space exploration game; we also designed separate inserts for each player so the organizers can go from the box to the table effortlessly. The base tray and mini insert will keep everything secure, while the House Tray and Technology Tray are meant to be passed around the table as needed. Make sure to check out our other Mindclash games collaboration Trickerion: Collector's Edition!




Mindclash Games




Base Tray, Player Trayz, Resource Trayz, Table Trayz, Lids, Technology Trayz


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