Forsaken Encounter Examples

Sep 6, 2022

Spoiler Warning

This blog post includes spoilers for entire encounters and encounter chains that can be found in Forsaken. To view the spoiler content, click on the image thumbnail in the Spoiler Image Link column below in a new tab, and zoom in to read the text.

Hundreds of Encounters, Thousands of Outcomes

If you end your turn beside an encounter node, you’ll draw and resolve the top card of your planet’s encounter deck. Each planet’s deck is curated to feature that planet’s unique ecology and cast of characters.

Different types of encounters can resolve in different ways, between the card itself and the entry and/or subentry to which the card refers you. Some of these outcomes are simple: just perform a simple procedure and carry on. Some encounters can change the face of the game by introducing new components, and determine the branching direction of the encounter arc for a second and even a third chapter.

New components introduced to the game are called from a zone called the reserve, which includes over 140 cards and tokens just in the base game. Some encounters do not lead you to the reserve at all, and are simply self-contained. Other encounters will only pull components from the reserve if certain outcomes are met. Some encounters have the potential to draw on a pool of 12 or more different components depending on how you navigate the choices from chapter to chapter. While the range is very broad, the average number of components that an encounter pulls from the reserve is 1.88. In play, this means that your narrative decisions are having some significant impact on the game almost every single turn.


Encounter Type


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Tailored Encounter

This card is a placeholder and refers you to an encounter that is mounted entirely in the companion guide. The entry you read will be tailored specifically to your character.

One Shot

Encounters like these simply resolve as they are printed without referring to the encounter guide.


These encounters feature mandatory fights. The outcome of the fight determines which entry you read in the encounter guide.

Split Story Encounters

Many encounters feature a narrative branch, and you read the entry in the encounter guide matching your choice. These outcomes will often call components from the reserve into the game–including new “chapter 2” stories that can be encountered later (by you or another player!)

Story Arcs

These encounters go multiple levels deep. The branch presented in chapter 1 splits into 2 or more possibilities, each of which split again!


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